technology 01

Biomedical Application Technology
3D printed metal implant
and prosthesis

Patient’s anatomical information (3D CT data)
and Indication based on feedback
from clinicians

technology 02

Micro Machining technology

Drug Delivery System
Efficiently delivers the desired amount
of active ingredients,
thereby increasing their effectiveness
and minimizing any side effects

technology 03

Dissolving Microstructures

Dissolving microstructures are a combination of high-molecular materials
that dissolve into the body and medical substances (active ingredients),
which are solidified
in the form of microneedles.
These physically penetrate the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis),
effectively delivering the ingredients
into the skin

Coscaldebio brand

Micro-needles that can
both be absorbed into the body
and deliver medicine to the body
by using anti-aging
and pharmacological bio-metabolites.